Staying Fit on The go.

Hey guys! Here’s a small excerpt from our “Travel Tips” page. It’s all about staying fit when you’re on the road.


Being part of the “Biggest Loser” for so long, we both take fitness and nutrition very seriously. The big myth is that it’s impossible to stay fit when you’re on the road. Screw that noise! Here are some tips on exercise and eating healthy away from home.

  • Eat a good meal before you leave your house. Arriving to the airport or getting in the car for a road trip with a full gut is a good way to avoid stopping to get something unhealthy. No matter how enticing Cinnabon smells, you’re less likely to eat it if you have already eaten.
  • Pack some healthy snacks that are within your reach. Stuff some nuts, rice cakes, fruits, and/or vegetables into your carry-on in case you have to fight off a snack attack. NOTE: WHOLE fruits and veggies are allowed past airport security. Just be sure to store them in an easy-to-open container in case an airport official decides to play Crime Scene Investigator in your bags.
  • Skip the fast food and shop for your meals at a local market. Not only is it cheaper, you are more able to make a healthier choice when you shop for and cook your own meals. You will almost always have access to a fridge and most hotels are happy to provide a microwave for your room. If you don’t have access to a hotel microwave, chances are that there’s a convenience store near you that will let you use theirs.
  • Call ahead to ask if your hotel has a fitness center. If they do, make room in your itinerary to spend at least 30 mins/day busting your ass in it.
  • If your hotel doesn’t have a fitness center or pool, don’t think you’re getting out of anything. Jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, and leg lifts are just a few exercises you can do in your room without any equipment. You can also pack a resistance band in your carry-on for a more challenging, yet compact workout. Follow this link for a sample workout that can be done in your room:
  • Another great way to get exercise in is to take a run around the place you’re visiting. It’s a great way to get familiar with the new turf while guaranteeing a heart-pounding workout. Just be sure to take a map or GPS as well as the hotel’s address with you in the likely even you get lost.

About mancationtv

Mancation is the story of what two guys would do on vacation together. The idea first came when hosts Jeff Nichols and Jackson Carter were contestants on "The Biggest Loser." One episode, they were forced to leave the ranch for a week because they lost a challenge. What was supposed to be a punishment turned out to be a pretty great vacation and they want to share that story with their fans.

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  1. You both inspire me! ‘What goes around comes around’. I’m so proud of both of you and am looking forward to reading the Mancation blog every day. Hope you get enough sponsors to make your traveling possible.

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